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Books, stories, and humour
Août 2004
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Why E-Dazibao ?
E-Dazibao is the brother of a french-speacking blog : Dazibao.

A dazibao is a mural newspaper. Dazibao is frequented by a large American audience and I had the idea to write in english for this people.

So, welcome !
Lundi (30/08/04)
Jack the Ripper
--> A new authoritative study

Jack the Ripper : The Facts, Paul Begg, London, Robson Books, 2004.

Paul Begg is not a novice in the Jack the Ripper case : he is the editor of the Ripperologist, the specialized magazine completely devoted to the Whitechapel murders and the Victorian Society, and the author of several books and articles in the same field.

His last book, Jack the Ripper : The Facts, follows the East End murders chronologically, presenting not only the victims but also their family, the eyewitnesses, the police, the government minister, the suspects... all the people directly or indirectly involved in the most famous criminal brief of all times.

Begg analyses all the murders related to the Ripper, not only the "canonical" ones (Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, Mary Jane Kelly) but also previous and subsequent murders.

He also presents a number of theories from the Masonic complot to the prince Victor Albert to the painter Walter Sickert. Forged or strange documents, like the Maybrick diary, are examined and evaluated.

According to Begg it is the London press that boosted the Ripper case and made it the first criminal myth of our times.

Abundant notes and a bibliography complete what is to be the ultimate reference about the most famous criminal of the modern era.

Links :

To the Ripperologist : clic here.

To the Casebooks (the most complete site about the Ripper) : clic here.

To the Cornwell book "Jack The Ripper" (in French) : clic here.

To the Sickert case : clic here.

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Bienvenue sur votre joueb !
--> Ca a marché !
Felicitations ! Ca a marché ! Vous voici sur votre joueb. Ceci est un article de bienvenue spécialement concu pour vous guider dans la decouverte de votre joueb et de son fonctionnement. Pour commencer, cliquez sur le lien "En lire plus" ci-dessous.
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